EA-1.34 - Better IA, Swimming Humans and Baseball with trees

Deisim v1.34 Changelog

What's new?

- Improved human AI and better pathfinding

- Allow to play baseball with human and trees

- Allow to throw lighning to UFOs

- Allow to throw a fireball to UFOs

- Humans are no longer able to walk on empty tiles

- Humans are no longer able to travel across mountains

- Added a new miracle to provide Stone since the mountains can no longer play that role

- Humans will do their best to avoid swamps

- Humans are now able to swim in plain water tiles

- Humans are now stuck and call for help when they are in deep water tiles

- European and Asian cities now produce tools with copper

- Nordic cities now produce weapons with iron

- Arabic and African cities now produce jewels with gold

- Crafter buildings are now replaced by factories when a city reach industrial age or superior

- Display a message when a new Deity rank has ben reached and new miracles are unlocked

- Added a visual and audio feedback when the player try to perform a miracle and doesn't have enough mana

- Replace or improved many sounds effects

- Teleport distance change with to the scale of the player

- Prevent the player to go below the ground when he change his size or move with the god locomotion 3d movement option

- Display boxes with names for all traded resources


- Send UFO's when they are needed to progress in the game even if disasters are disabled

- Remove coming soon miracles in the miracle menu to prevent players to think that they can't progress to future age because some required miracles are still missing in the game.

- Restart the tutorial when the player loose the forest miracle instead of throwing it on an empty tile

- Cities use ore directly and no longer need to craft ingots

- Unlock more miracle quicker in the start of the game

Bug fixes

- The disease miracle label is no longer displayed when the disease miracle is not yet unlocked

- Overpopulation display was always 0 instead of the actual overpopulation value

- Fixed a bug preventing the first cities to be overpopulated a thus preventing to create new cities unless the player was grabbing a human manually

- Prevent humans to be stuck in war mode if the player save during a fight

SteamVR actions mapping

- Rework Oculus Touch controller mapping to align it with the native Quest mapping

- Rework Vive controller mapping


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Jun 22, 2021

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I've been playing the Deisim VR game that officially launched on the Quest 2 store and after checking guides and patch updates and find some contradictions such as, foxes (no mention replacing rabbits/bunnies and no snakes) yet cows on grass tiles and sharks in water tiles added whereas nothing indicating about cows and that can't spawn animals on water tiles? Nordic or Viking on snow tiles as a village is hardly if ever mentioned as a village style in tutorials and guides. Heretic villages/Kingdoms seem to be a thing but lesser known. The moon or astroid can be changed with different titles but what part does this play? Would be great if after future age humans could get to space age technology and travel or even start to colonize it (Elon Musk vision) Pirates villagers when? Lastly, can we get an optional globe view rendering in settings as once we hit tile limit, it just pushes flat rather theory which is fine for development.